Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wascally RAbbott “Bugs Punny” reporting

Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build – Halloweenies
Date: October 30, 2010, Wascally RAbbott “Bugs Punny” reporting

On Site:
Hoarseless Headman: “Grave Robber” Abbott

Zombie Wrangler: Brian “McDracula
Head List Ghoul- Goo Goyle: Nan Alien
Voluntolds: “Dungeon Master” Bill, What the Cat Doug Up, and “Crypt Keeper” Cody.
Contractors: “Banshee” Bob Duke
Visitors: Mad John Mcmechon

Daily Log: Unfortunately, we didn't get very much completed today. A lack of supplies, rain, closed stores and a small turn-out limited what we could do. After learning that both lumber stores in town were closed, Doug was dispatched to Gravenhurst to pick up 10 more sheets of wire mesh. Cody continued with fastening the mesh on the rear side of the building, but dirt behind the platon and cement board resulted in many screws not holding. Also, the drill bit was too short for the screws. Much of the back will have to be re-fastened with 8” spikes into suitably larger diameter holes. I found that, 95% of the fasteners placed to hold the mesh at the front side yesterday weren't holding and I spent the morning re-fastening them; I only got about ¾ of the front done before I ran-out of supplies. Bill and Doug moved the molding and trim into PPPG and put poly over the insulated basement wall in 1014A. Rain made continuing the mesh along the sides where the icy rain dripped down off the eave, impractical. Besides, all the volunteers left at noon so I closed up. Bob continued with sanding 1014A.

Action/Follow-Up Items:  
Howard: Parger, Front porches, Siding, Plumbers (so we can drywall, run vent through roof, and hook-up sump pumps, Colin Butler, re furnace. EXPENSE REPORT!
Jane: Paint/Primer, light fixtures (Needco, or Home Hardware Pt. Carling), toilets and sinks, blinds (GIK), Temporary/permanent door locks, 1014 mirror, and the list goes on.....
Rob: Go away

Next Days/Week Plan:
Note: Andrew WC, from Metroland Publishing may be out sometime next week. A-Channel will be filming Wednesday, and Hydro One is scheduled to pull the pole in front of 1014 out Tuesday or Wednesday.

Monday - Continue with parging mesh (weather permitting, but this is high priority). Check and repair what's been done so far. If the sanding is done in 1014A, start scraping floor and cleaning to prep for priming. Foam outside cracks and peel-and-stick flashing tape on windows and door flanges. Mud and tape 1014, Butler Heating and contracting is supposed to hook up oil tanks and chimneys. Bell is supposed to move wires off of old pole.
Tuesday – Continue un-finished tasks. Primer/sealer on drywall Hydro One might arrive to remove pole. Install door knobs/locks. Tidy site for A-Channel. Pick-up MDF and rip for jambs and sills and get to PPPG.
Wednesday – A Channel. Hydro One pull pole? Painting.
Thursday – Painting, and everything else.
Friday – Start Trim?

Volunteer Requirements: When we have the primer and paint (Tuesday?) we can start priming, both at the site and at PPPG. Jim indicated he plans to come would come Saturday. Stu said he and his crew aren't available again until partway through the week of November 8. We may be able to start trim work later next week. As you can see, we have lots of jobs that need to be done (and there are lots more not listed).

 Jane: Primer and door locks. Check on fridge delivery and destination (and Plan B: PPPG)
Howard/Jane: Pick up MDF from Muskoka Lumber to be ripped and primed for window jamb extensions and sills.
Howard: You will need ASAP: 6”, ardox galvanized spikes and a roll of soft iron wire to fasten and repair where the tapcon screws don't hold. If HPN doesn't get the sump pumps soon, see if they will lend us one to pump out 1014A (it's at the floor now!). Get yours fixed or replaced and expense it.
Nan: Return Bruce Caton's flooring sample book to Bill Goltz at Weismiller's.

Inspections: Plumbing (arranged by HPN?)

Note: I'll be away for the next 4 weeks, assuming I make it back at all towing a 32 year-old tent trailer with an un-servicable in the US Smart Car all over the US. Jane, Howard and Ellen will be picking up the slack and all the balls I dropped. Please don't call my cell phone unless it's an emergency (roaming charges and all that). However, please keep me up to date with emails; I should be able to get them most evenings.

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