Sunday, October 3, 2010

Patty Parson's Build Daily Log - Oct. 2

On Site:  Frank J. Fraser
             Site Supervisor

Volunteers:  Bill Niess Got us going in the morning. Nancy Grogan, Beth Croft, Paul Murphy, Mitch Kacsmar, Dan Lacroix.

Partner Family: Becky

Daily Log: Nancy & Beth finished the insulation and vapor barrier in the joist cavities if 1014A while Bill & Paul slipped the tyvek between the framed wall and the block wall of the stair case. 

Dan & Becky marked the studs on the outside SM wall. 
Mitch installed the pocket door framing in 1014A. Then we called it a day. A great one at that as we had the Volunteer appreciation BBQ to go to.
I just want to thank everyone at Habitat Muskoka for giving me the opportunity to participate in this Bala Build. My special thanks to Ellen, Rob, Brian, Nan. 

By the way my wife, Virginia, said I can't wear my new Black Habitat Muskoka hat. She said "I will get it dirty". The real reason is she wants it. Go figure.

Action / Follow up Items:  finish insulating the joist cavities in the basement of 1014. Reframe eye brow over unit 1014A (Brad Steele). Still No show with furnace people or plumbers to finish the rough ins.
Nan put out the word for drywallers on Facebook.

Next Day / Week Plan:  We start dry walling on both units Tuesday. Additional framing for the roof eye brow (to be done by Contractor)  that was missed. Flashing for ledger board done so we can now continue with SM foam on bottom.

Volunteer Requirements: lots of projects for Volunteers inside and out. The more the merrier.

Materials / Tools: Could always need more drills (hammer) drywall drills never enough tools.

Inspections:  "Passed" insulation inspection on 1014A with just a couple of minor technicalities. Waiting for him to show for 1014.

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