Thursday, October 7, 2010

Only one word spoken today "Drywalling".

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Patty Parson's Build Daily Log
Date: Oct. 7

On Site:  Frank J. Fraser
             Site Supervisor

Volunteers:  Nan  got us going in the morning. Mick Boase, Paul Dempsey, Mike Guiry, Brian Juniper, Peter Hemming, Willy Huyssen, Mitch Kacsmar, Willy Fletcher.

Contractors: NPH The plumber did make it again today.

Visitors: Brad Steel came by and said he would be in tomorrow morning with his guys to do the eyebrow.

Daily Log

There is only one word spoken today "Drywalling". 

The group today finished _ _ _ _ _ _ the ceiling in 1014A.  Then Brian and his team moved onto 1014 and started  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the ceiling.  Willi F. & Paul D stayed till 5 pm so we could finish the main hall ceiling as well as the two bedrooms. Mitch, Mike, Mick, worked on_ _ _ _ _ _ _  the stairs.
We teamed Willi H up with Peter H. Between what Willi started yesterday and did today, the bedrooms in 1014A are done.  
What can I say but Drywall. 

Great work guys.

Action / Follow up Items:  finish insulating the joist cavities in the basement of 1014  . Reframe eye brow over unit 1014A (Brad Steele). Still No show with furnace people Rob working on that.
Nan put out the word for drywallers on face book

Next Day / Week Plan:  Continue  dry walling on both units. Additional framing for the roof eye brow (to be done by Contractor)  that was  missed. Flashing for ledger board done so we can now  continue with SM foam on bottom.

Volunteer Requirements: lots of projects for Volunteers inside and out. The more the merrier.

Materials / Tools : Could always need more drills (hammer) drywall drills => never enough tools.

Inspections:  "Passed" insulation inspection on 1014. Onto dry wall.

Prepared By: Frank J. Fraser

Editor's note: Thanks to Frank for sending photos, as well as working all day and providing this report. Having moved, I am quite curious as to progress! 

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