Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Muddy waters - Oct. 12th

Rob's 'TRUCK'
Lots of contractors pitched in
On site Supervisor: Howard Ruttan
                            Back on the job till it's done
Volunteers:  Nan Allen Rob Abbott, Doug Patterson, Jim Patridge, Toni Green, Peter Hemming  Brian Mcdonald 

Contractors: HPN working on plumbing all day. A.D.A.M. Electric completed wiring the panels. They are now finished till final hookup after drywall completed.

Activities: Nan got things organized in the morning and stayed with us throughout the day. Brian checked in early in the morning and he and 
Marian brought a delicious hot lunch.
The gang returned to doing drywall boarding and almost completed 1014A. A tough day man-handling boards all day. Rob did a dump run with his "truck".

Next planned activities: -  Rob has ordered 5/8 and 1/2 inch drywall from GIC for delivery on Thursday.
- Working the phone to get drywall mudders and roof overhang installers (Howard).
- Due to the Cranberry Festival we will not work Friday, or Saturday (School busses start arriving 11a.m. Friday). We will however restart Monday work. (However we will evaluate schedules due to the repetitive calling of volunteers and very few willing to show up. Howard, Rob, Brian)


- Finish drywalling 1014A (everyone).
- Get contractors for roof eyebrow, and mudding. (Howard) 
- Plumbers pressure testing plumbing today.
Volunteers needed: Lots

Howard Ruttan reporting!

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