Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More mud, drywall, scrapping and eyebrow


 VOLUNTEERS: Jim Partridge, Paul Dempsey, Doug Patterson, Nan Allen, Toni Green, Roberts.


- HPN onsite all day, expecting to have pressure testing done so we can drywall both washrooms. However, laundry room in 1014A cannot be drywalled till testing and inspection due to plumbing fixture locations.
-Dan Goforth came by and committed to do the eyebrow. He called later and confirmed he will have a crew there Monday.
-ABC Drywall (Bob Dukes) called this evening and will come in tomorrow night, 5 p.m., to mud.

Drywalling both 1014A and 1014. Everyone involved worked hard and made substantial progress. Rob took a load of scraps to the dump.

 - Get heating people in (ROB, HOWARD) / This is getting critical.
 - Dan Goforth's crew in on Monday for eyebrow.
- ABC Drywall in tomorrow night by 5 p.m.
- Carry on drywalling (Finish corners on 1014A for mudders and continue boarding 1014).

Taping and Mudding Drywall
7 min - 25 Dec 2008

- Willy Fletcher has committed to continued assistance after he is finished with the family business during the Cranberry Festival, since he wants to have his sister in by end of November.
 -Toni Green is not going back to Toronto till houses are complete since she wants to paint them.
 - Determine what has to be completed for building and lot requirements for severance of lots.

ROB - Determine availability of construction crew from Beaver Creek ASAP and ongoing.

BRIAN AND ELLEN - Decide when to return Ocean Can and moving and storage of contents.

- Finish drywalling, painting, trim, fixtures. (Various)
 - Parging basement wall (Parge the ugly out of your concrete wall  -Howard to follow with contractor on w/e)
- Backfill and grade (Howard)
- Build outside stairs and ramp (Howard)
- Remove hydro pole, install driveways. (Howard, Rob)


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