Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The More the Marriott

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build - The More the Marriott

Date: October 20, 2010

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:
Site Supervisor: Howard Ruttan
Volunteers: There were a lot today. About a dozen volunteers from the various Marriott enterprises around Muskoka. Though I met most of them, I'm terrible with names and won't even try to list them all; Brian has the list. We also had an excellent turnout of our regulars: Jim P., Doug, Mick, Mike G, Peter - The Great, Rob - The Mediocre, and Attic Angel Roberta. As usual, Brian McD and Nan got us started and checked on us throughout the day.
Contractors: None, but I saw Bob Duke and Ron D'Costa stop by.

Daily Log: Wow! We got a lot accomplished today. Both attics got insulated, the SM board around the exterior got installed, 400 lbs, of debris got loaded into the trailer and taken to the dump, the Canned Ham office trailer got emptied and the little Smart Car was able to get to the backyard and tow it out front, a lot of drywall got put up in 1014, and we even managed to re-insulate the joist bays. We effectively got everything done on yesterday's Wish List of tasks. While volunteers came and left throughout the day, the last left around 4 pm.

It's important to note how great the Marriott volunteers were. They were all eager to work and help out in any, and every, way. In fact, Howard and I owe them an apology: they were so diligent and quick that they often had to wait for us to find another task for them.

Action/Follow-Up Items: 
HowardParger, Front porches, Siding, Plumbers (so we can drywall, run vent through roof, and hook-up sump pumps.
Rob: Porch slab insulation, Arrange for ReStore truck
Jane: light fixtures (Needco, or Home Hardware Pt. Carling), toilets and sinks, paint/primer (GIK), blinds (GIK).

Next Days/Week Plan:
Thursday – Saturday Drywall 1014, Start moving tools and materials needed for completion out of container and into one of the units.
Monday – Clear out container.

Volunteer Requirements: We have work for a large crew. Lots of jobs.

Materials/Tools: Howard: Get your sump pump we burnned out fixed or replaced at our cost.

Inspections: Plumbing and Electrical (arranged by contractors)

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