Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's Get To It!

Patty Parson's Build Daily Log
Frank J. Fraser - Site Supervisor
Date: Oct. 6

On Site:  Frank J. Fraser
             Site Supervisor

Volunteers:  Nan got us going in the morning. Doug Patterson, Brian Juniper, John Baird, Jim Partridge, Roberta Appleton, Willy Huyssen. Rob Abbot.

Contractors: NPH - The plumber did make it but not till the afternoon.

Daily Log: Brian, Jim, Doug , pick up right were they left off. Brian doing the measuring got to get the man to use a bigger tap.

Willie & Rob
Doug (AKA Mighty Mouse) doing the Heavy lifting with the drywall lift and Jim screwing it in place (and thought I was going to say UP even though it was the ceiling he was attaching the drywall to). 

The best pair to watch as a team was John & Willy. They work on installing  wall board. I will call them the Let's Get to it Team

As for Roberta, I give her a power tool and the door plaits to cut out, which she made short work of till the battery died. Then she attacked it with a hand saw.  

As for Rob, he and his smart trailer were off and running to the dump and the REStore.
Nice work today guys.

Rob's 'Smart Trailer!'


Action / Follow up Items:  Finish insulating the joist cavities in the basement of 1014. Re frame eye brow over unit 1014A (Brad Steele) Still No Show with furnace people; Rob is working on that.

Nan put out the word for drywallers on Facebook.

Next Day / Week Plan:  Continue  dry walling on both units. 
Additional framing for the roof eye brow that was missed (to be done by Contractor). 
Flashing for ledger board done  so we can now  continue with SM foam on bottom.

Volunteer Requirements: Lots of projects for Volunteers inside and out. The more the merrier.

Materials / Tools: Could always need more drills (hammer) drywall drills never enough tools.

Inspections:  "Passed" insulation inspection on 1014. Onto dry wall.

Prepared By: Frank J. Fraser

Nice eyebrows!

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