Friday, October 29, 2010

Leave it to Beaver

Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build – Leave it to Beaver
Date: October 29, 2010, Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:
Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers: Eager joint-creakers Peter T.G., Quartermaster Bill, and myself; Stu plus 6 or 7 eager Beaver Creekers; and, in time for lunch, Oz-Some. As usual, Nan got us started and checked on us throughout the day.
Contractors: Bob Duke, Mike and ADAM Electric.
Visitors: Jane Pierre, Ian Wallace

Daily Log: Howard, is taking a well earned long weekend, so It started out cloudy and cool, but turned cold and windy (even before eating lunch). When I arrived at 8, Mike was already busy taping 1014. “Gee Ward, there's nothing wrong with the Beaver!”: a large and great crew meant we got a lot accomplished. So, make yourself comfortable; it's a long list:
  • Mike made good progress taping 1014A.
  • The parging mesh got applied to the front, one side and about half of the back.
  • ADAM electric wired each unit for a temporary 220V construction heater and loaned us one. Mike will loan us his tomorrow. This will mean we will no longer have to rely on those portable 110V ones.
  • The drywall got cut and placed for the electrical panel, except for the bottom of 1014, which had to be left open for the temporary heater cable.
  • The section of drywall that was cleaned of mould at the bottom of the panel cabinet was painted with a fungicide paint.
  • The old outside notice board was retrieved from the trash trailer and a movable stand was made so it could be placed outside as an emergency station.
  • Scrap wood and lumber was organized and neatly piled and some clean-up was done.
  • Poly was put on the insulated wall build by the crew on Tuesday (1014A still needs to be done).
  • All the raised screws in 1014 were set.
  • Bill, our Quartermaster, organized the tool crib in the basement.
  • Jane stopped by and delivered a number of steel studs (placed in the basement of 1014A) to be used for the chimney chases (now only the drywall, not the framing has to be a minimum of 2” away). We managed to stuff 2 bundles of surplus insulation in the back of her car to be taken back to the Re-Store (there are still 2 bundles in the basement of 1014A that need to go back).
  • Ian Wallace, who has volunteered to do/help with the trim came by to assess what was required. He recommended MDF for the jamb extensions and window sills.
  • Jane, Nan and Angel met at Paul's garage to assess it's suitability as a paint shop.
  • Nan, as usual, ran errands and brought coffee and lunches.
  • A dusty Bob started sanding the drywall in 1014A.
All this was accomplished by 1:30, at which time all the volunteers left. I left Bob and Mike, mudding and taping the drywall at 1:30. They promised to close up the fence.

Action/Follow-Up Items: Howard: Parger, Front porches, Siding, Plumbers (so we can drywall, run vent through roof, and hook-up sump pumps, Colin Butler, re furnace. EXPENSE REPORT!
Rob: Jamb extensions and interior door hardware from Muskoka Lumber (see separate email).
Jane: Paint/Primer, light fixtures (Needco, or Home Hardware Pt. Carling), toilets and sinks, blinds (GIK), Bell/Hydro One, Temporary/permanent door locks, 1014 mirror, and the list goes on.....

Next Days/Week Plan:
Note: Andrew WC, from Metroland Publishing may be out sometime next week. A-Channel will be filming Wednesday, and Hydro One is scheduled to pull the pole in front of 1014 out Tuesday or Wednesday.

Saturday - Continue with parging mesh (weather permitting, but this is high priority). Corner bead the inside of the breaker panel cupboard (Ian recommended a flush mount MDF door which would be least obtrusive). Poly basement wall in 1014A. If sanding is done in 1014A, start scraping floor and cleaning to prep for priming.
Monday – Howard's back, I'm gone. - Complete parging mesh, foam outside cracks and peel-and-stick flashing tape on windows and door flanges. Mud and tape 1014, Butler Heating and contracting is supposed to hook up oil tanks and chimneys. Bell is supposed to move wires off of old pole. Set-up Paul's Primer and Paint Garage (PPPG)
Tuesday – Continue un-finished tasks. Primer/sealer on drywall Hydro One might arrive to remove pole. Install door knobs/locks. Tidy site for A-Channel. Pick-up MDF and rip for jambs and sills and get to PPPG.
Wednesday – A Channel. Hydro One pull pole? Painting.
Thursday – Painting, and everything else.
Friday – Start Trim?

Beavers work under water
Volunteer Requirements: When we have the primer and paint (Tuesday, but possibly Monday) we can start priming, both at the site and at PPPG. Bill and Peter indicated they would come Saturday. Stu said he and his crew aren't available again until partway through the week of November 8. We may be able to start trim work later next week. As you can see, we have lots of jobs that need to be done (and there are lots more not listed).

Materials/Tools: Jane: Primer and door locks. Check on fridge delivery and destination (and Plan B: PPPG)
Rob/Howard: The bypass door kits I ordered from from Home Building Centre, Gravenhurst (contact Anne), weren't in and aren't expected to be in until next week or the following week. I gave them Howard's contact info. Panels will have to be bought and cut for these.
Rob/Jane: Muskoka Window and door for interior door hardware, jamb extensions for casements, and sliding door latch.
Howard/Jane: Pick up MDF from Muskoka Lumber to be ripped and primed for window jamb extensions and sills.
Rob/Jane/Howard: I checked on the HRV units this morning at Don Park and they weren't in yet. Sandra will call one of you when they're in.
Howard: If HPN doesn't get the sump pumps soon, see if they will lend us one to pump out 1014A (it's at the top of the chamber). Get yours fixed or replaced and expense it.
Nan: Return Bruce Caton's flooring sample book to Bill Goltz at Weismiller's.
Inspections: Plumbing (arranged by HPN?)

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