Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Duke of Drywall = Bob

Construction Daily Log,  Patty Parsons Build 

Date: October 23, 2010

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:  
Site Supervisor: Howard Ruttan
Volunteers:  G, Peter - The Great, Rob, Chris, Paul Murphy, and John Mech.  Brian McD and Nan got us started and checked on us throughout the day.
Contractors: Bob Duke
Visitors: Bruce Caton stopped by to measure up the floors.

Daily Log: It's been the same all week: drywall.  The Duke of Drywall, Bob, got another coat on all the seams of 1014A.  People started drifting away in the afternoon, but I managed to get stairway drywall screwed up in 1014A and Chris managed to get it screwed up.  We're almost done, just the the stairway and a few bits in 1014, and the electrical panel cupboards and window returns on both units.   We closed up around 4 PM (Note: I was too tired to properly tidy-up the site).

Action/Follow-Up Items:
Howard: Parger, front porches, siding, plumbers (so we can drywall, run vent through roof, and hook-up sump pumps.
Rob: Porch slab insulation, Arrange for ReStore truck, pick up HRV units
Jane:  light fixtures (Needco, or Home Hardware Pt. Carling), toilets and sinks, paint/primer (GIK), blinds (GIK).

Next Days/Week Plan:
  1. Tidy-up site and put away some of the tools
  2. Move items in container needed for build into one of the units
  3. Set aside tools and materials that can be sent back to the ReStore
  4. Load up ReStore truck
  5. Dump run with trailer
  6. Finish drywall and window jambs
Tuesday – Meeting @ 8:30 with Ellen, Jane, Rob and Howard
  • finish up drywall and prep for primer on 1014A
  • corner bead on 1014
  • SM foam rim joist around front porches
  • tape flashing around windows and door flanges.
Wednesday – Continue from above, ductwork contractor might start

Materials/Tools: Howard was to pick up some more drywall mud.

Inspections Plumbing and Electrical (arranged by contractors)

Editor's note:
Rob is nothing if he isn't dedicated. His self-depracating humour is fun, but not truly earned. Rob - The Mediocre, is nothing like that. A dedicated, hard-working man. He has the smartest car in Muskoka!

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