Friday, October 22, 2010

Drywall, mudding, parging

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build
On site:
Site supervisor: Howard Ruttan

Inspirational Supervisor: Nan Allen

Volunteer godfather: Brian Mcdonald

Volunteer(s): Jim Partridge

Contractors: Bob Dukes, ABC drywall

Jiim and myself insatlled drywall in 1014, finishing the ceiling and most of the hallway and repaired the drywall in 1014A that was removed by electricians.

About 85% of the drywall in 1014 is completed.

Next: complete drywall in 1014 ( I expect this may be completed tomorrow with additional volunteers).
Clean up 1014 for mudding.

Upcoming-- soon: Arrange parging-- Howard
                Emptying of storage contaner-- Rob
                Arrange backfill and lot grading--Howard
                Arrange porch pad pour --Howard
                Arrange contractor or build  steps and ramp

Then: Priming and paint first coat of color on completion of mudding
         Install interior doors
         Install interior trim

 -- Howard Ruttan 

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