Saturday, October 9, 2010

Drywall, drywall, drywall

Patty Parson's Build Daily Log
Date: Oct.9

On Site:  Frank J. Fraser
             Site Supervisor on his last day onsite. [We'll miss you Frank!]

Volunteers:  As usual, Nan got us going in the morning. Willy F., Bill N. Heather N., Mitch., Daryl & his daughter & friend , Steve & Sarah. (Please excuse me for no last names as I did not have the sign in book with me!)

 Peter H brought us lunch.  
Rob Abbott joined us after lunch.

Daily Log: There is only one word spoken today "Dry walling". The group worked on trying to finish the walls in 1014A.  That way when Sarah & Steve showed up they had more then just the three bed rooms to start mudding & taping. I did not finish all the boarding in the unit but we completed about 80% of it. Not bad for a bunch of rookies in a week.

Action / Follow up Items:  Howard you should focus on finishing the dry wall in 1014A on Tuesday as Steve & Sarah want to come back tuesday night to do more muding. There is only one place you can't dry wall is were the bath tub plumbing has to go in both units. . Finish insulating the joist cavities in the basement of 1014  . Re frame eye brow over unit 1014A ( Brad Steele ? As he didn't show up. ) Still No show with furnace people Rob working on that.

Next Day / Week Plan:  Continue  dry walling on both units . Additional framing for the roof eye brow (to be done by Contractor)  that was  missed. Flashing for ledger board done  so we can now  continue with SM foam on bottom.

Volunteer Requirements: Lots of projects for Volunteers inside and out. The more the merrier.

Materials / Tools: We need about 20 sheets of 5/8 -8 ft drywall & 15 sheets of 1/2 -10 ft. Could always need more drills (hammer) drywall drills. Never enough tools.

Inspections: Pressure test for plumbing.

Prepared By: Frank J. Fraser

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