Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Post Cranfest activity

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build

Date: October 19, 2010

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:
Site Supervisors: Howard Ruttan A.M.; Rob Abbott P.M.
Volunteers: Bill Niess, Tom - Bo Derek- Neville (for a couple of hours), Jim P., Doug, Rev. Paul, Peter - The Great, and Rob - The Not So. As usual, Brian McD and Nan got us started and checked on us throughout the day.
Contractors: Cory from ADAM Electric, and I hope Bob Duke will be in tonight to tape.
Visitors: Jane Pierre, my potential replacement for the month of November.

Daily Log: It occurred to me that with the inside work and cooler weather, the weather hasn't been noted for awhile. Well, we had a lot of it today: it started out cloudy, then poured rain, cleared up to sunny skies, but cool, and later it warmed up a bit, but got quite windy in the afternoon.

What a difference a day makes. After being all alone for most of yesterday, our regulars returned (perhaps too many cranberry cocktails over the weekend).

Even Howard showed up this morning, making a spectacle of himself in his groovy shades, but leaving after lunch to have spectacles made for himself. While all the diehards wrestled putting up the heavy 5/8 drywall on the ceiling, I puttered around outside, picking up materials (dragging a pylon cone all the way to Muskoka Lumber) and only managed to get the ledger boards on for the side door porches. All that mental and physical work wrestling that drywall was hard on them and by 2:30, I was Mister Lonely once again.

Action/Follow-Up Items:
Howard: Parger, Front porches
Rob: Ductwork, Porch slab insulation, Flooring
Jane: Countertops (Murray's?), light fixtures (Needco, or Home Hardware Pt. Carling), toilets and sinks, paint/primer (GIK), blinds (GIK).

Next Days/Week Plan:
Wednesday – Note: It's garbage day and the truck arrives early now. Collect the trash and recycling. Marriott-chee band, plus the usual suspects. Weather permitting, potential jobs include:
    •    drywall 1014
    •    patch drywall that Cory removed in kitchen of 1014A
    •    insulate attics of both units
    •    SM board over rim joists
    •    Re-Insulate and vapour barrier joist bays behind ledger boards
    •    take down and stack scaffold
    •    clear out trailer and remove jack stands
    •    clean up site, load trailer
    •    remove table from 1014, and stairs from basement of 1014A

Thursday - Saturday Continue above

Volunteer Requirements: We have work for a large crew. Lots of jobs.

Materials/Tools: Return scaffolding to Pro-Line

Inspections: Plumbing and Electrical (arranged by contractors)

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