Friday, September 17, 2010

Wrap artists

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build – Wrap Artists

Date: September 17, 2010

On Site: Site Supervisor: Frank Fraser
Volunteers: We had a great turnout of regulars, and a newbie: Brian T., Willy, Bob McV, Carol, Steve, Al, Peter (and Pogo), Mike R (nice to see he survived the canoe trip), and this time, I'm not going to forget to include myself in the list. Nan, of course, got us going in the morning and checked on us through the day.
Contractors: None
Visitors: Bruce Kelly, from DuPont/Tyvek came to demonstrate how to apply the flexwrap window flashing material. Though I should really list him as a volunteer as he jumped right in and helped us throughout the day.

Note: Many thanks and kudos to Bruce and DuPont – Tyvek for the generous donation of their special stucco wrap, and flexwrap. It is very much needed and appreciated.

Daily Log: It was cold this morning; many donned their Torrance Tuxedos, but by late morning, the sun was out and it was great for working. We took full advantage of all the volunteers and weather getting the Tyvek housewrap completed (except for the gables) and the exterior foam on the lower half, and the flexwrap on all the window sills. We even finished all, but one small section of foundation boards. We loaded up my trailer with building debris destined for the dump, but I just missed closing time (I'll take it there Monday).

When I left, Willy and Frank were considering staying later or coming back to continue with the SM board, but I don't know what they decided.

Action/Follow-Up Items:
  • Get HPN to rough-in plumbing
  • Get Port Heating to advise on chimney stacks
  • Get a dictionary

Next Days/Week Plan:
Saturday – Muskoka Windows and Doors and maybe the plumbers
Tuesday, Wednesday – Finish SM boards, prepare, seal up attic fire wall, attic hatches, beam in 1014, finish foundation board

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