Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Patty Parsons Build – Hot enough for ya?

Construction Daily Log,  Patty Parsons Build – Hot enough for ya?

Prepared by:  Rob Abbott

Date: August 31, 2010

On Site:    Site Supervisor: Frank Fraser

Rob, Frank, Curtis: in man talk!
Volunteers:  Brian T., Jim P., Mike R., Bill N., Rob, and Nan got us going and checked on us through the day.

Visitors: Ellen dropped by with fire extinguishers, and Building Inspector Curtis Livingstone stopped by to meet Frank.

Daily Log:  
small but mighty!
Frank's first day as site supervisor was a hot one.

I picked up 300 feet of ABS pipe on my way in.  Walls were made and erected for 1014A and the kitchen W/D closet was reworked a few times before deciding on a major re-design of the kitchen: extending a wall and moving the stove over to the same wall as the fridge.
These kitchen walls, however, will be built tomorrow.  The heat was too much and we closed down around 3. 

After leaving the site, Frank and I met with Brian, Bill Nan, Angel and Willy, to review the various roles and later review the kitchen cabinet layout with Angel. 

Action/Follow-Up Items: 
lighter long load
•    Contact HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors - Rob
•    Schedule delivery of drywall, fibreglass, and other GIK materials - Rob

Next Days/Week Plan:   
Wednesday-Friday  Finish framing in 1014A, nail trusses on 1014 to party wall top plate.  Nail gable end trusses to top plates. Fill in sheathing over soffits and gables, stairs on 1014, interior walls on 1014, truss bracing on 1014......

I saw horses
Volunteer Requirements:     For the foreseeable future, we should be able to find work for a large crew.  Lots of jobs.

Materials/Tools:  2 replacement bulbs for work lights, and 2 rough-service bulbs for trouble light.  Still waiting on 6” Tapcon screws.  Very soon we will need to get our GIK drywall delivery scheduled.  Pocket door frame.

Inspections: Soon
  If I had a hammer ♩♪♫♬  
fire extinguishers finally

trusses trustingly tapped in

imagine: walls are going up!

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