Saturday, September 18, 2010

Niwhal grounded

Patty Parson's Build Daily Log

Date: Sept. 18

On Site:  Frank J. Fraser
             Site Supervisor

Volunteers:  Nan Got us going in the morning.. Jeff Hodges  & Willy

Contractors: Muskoka Windows & Doors with 8 installers. And are you ready for this HPN Professional Plumbers.

Visitors: Howard

Daily Log: We could not have asked for a better day today. The weather was bright and shiny in the morning with it clouding over and light rain late in the day. But no worries we have windows & doors. Thank you to all the hard work from the group yesterday.   They arrived first thing and set to work and would have been done by lunch but a minor technicality on the sizing of the side doors slowed them down. Thanks to Jeff & Willy the adjustment was made and in went the last two doors. The plumbers yes  I did say plumbers  arrived after lunch and started the rough ins for 1014. They did promise to return during the week to finish.

Action / Follow up Items :

Next Day / Week Plan: Build frame for knee wall in basements Finish Tyveking  and foam  on upper part of peek walls . 2 pieces of concrete left to do.  Then onto insulation and dry wall. Additional framing for the roof that was missed.  Check beam lamination, fire blocking in basement and roof peek.

Volunteer Requirements:
lots of projects for Volunteers.

Materials / Tools : need Hammer drill and more drills for installation of framing for knee wall, concrete board, drills for drywall.

Inspections: shooting for Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

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