Thursday, September 30, 2010

Foam, insulation, barriers

Patty Parson's Build Daily Log

Date: Sept. 30

On Site:  Frank J. Fraser
             Site Supervisor

Volunteers:  Nan (the Bala Timex) got us going in the morning. Mike Bradley, Mick Boese, Jim Partridge, Doug Paterson, Peter Hemming, Anne Snowdon, 
Willy F., Rob Abbot.

Partner Family:
 Becky stayed and helped with sweeping and putting up Vapor Barrier.
Angel came by on her scooter.

Daily Log: Nan got us started. Rob A., with his trailer pulled by a Smart Car. Yes, a Smart Car. You could park the car on the trailer.  He was in and out all day picking up  and delivering the furnaces as well as the hot water tanks. They are now downstairs ready to be installed.  (Now all we need is some one to install them ASAP ). 

The group worked on installing more of the SM foam on the front of the house. We also had a group working on the rest of the vapor barrier in 1014. All the insulation has been put in the wall on the main floor of both units. Only the vapor barrier on the walls remains in 1014. I thought we still have to insulate and vapor barrier in the Joyce cavities in the basements. That said, I have a conditional passed to start Drywall in 1014A. Great job people.

Action / Follow up Items:  insulate the joyce cavities in the basement , vapor barrier, finish vapor barrier on wall in 1014  and prep for drywall . Reframe eye brow over unit 1014A ( look for Contractor to do it ) Still No show with furnace people.
Nan put out the word for drywallers on Facebook.
Need to find out about the flashing.
Need to find out when the plumbers will finish.

Next Day / Week Plan:  Slide tyvek between basement brick wall and framing going down stairs .   Onto dry wall. Additional framing for the roof eye brow (to be done by Contractor)  that was  missed. Flashing for ledger board so we can continue with SM foam on bottom

Elves in the pm 6-9:30

Volunteer Requirements: lots of projects for Volunteers inside and out. The more the merrier.

Materials / Tools: Could always need more drills (hammer), drywall drills, never enough tools.

Inspections:  "Passed" insulation inspection on 1014A with just a couple of minor technicalities.

Prepared By: Frank J. Fraser

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