Friday, September 24, 2010

Fantastic with Plastic

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build – Fantastic with Plastic

Date: September 24, 2010

Rob Abbott Reporting – back like a bad rash.

On Site: Site Supervisor: Frank Fraser
Volunteers: Rob, Mike B, Peter H., Tom 10 am, Jim, Mike R, Deb, Toni; She Who Can't be Named and Ann Other (because I can't remember their names). In addition to getting us started, catered and mothered, SuperNan walked a mile in safety boots and helped all day with the build. We've had elves, a superhero, Santa and today, I saw a couple of Smurfs.
Contractors: None
Visitors: None

Daily Log: It was quite a shock for me returning to see all the progress having been away for a week. It was downright muggy today, but a lot was accomplished: The bathroom and side door framing got done in 1014, the support blocks under all the beam posts got completed, the ceiling translucent, polyethylene, 6 mil, H2O vapour barrier (plastic) got installed in most of 1014A, the foundation cement board was completed, and we even got a start on the form for the basement cement pour. I think I saw a couple of Smurfs just itchin to install some fibreglass.

Action/Follow-Up Items:
  • Get HPN to finish rough-in plumbing and re-route bathroom sink in 1014A
  • Get Port Heating to advise on chimney stacks
  • Get contractor to do front eave detail.

Next Days/Week Plan:
Saturday – Vapour barrier and insulation; interior and exterior - and maybe the plumbers
Tuesday, Wednesday – Continue

Volunteer Requirements: We have work for a large crew. Lots of jobs.

Materials/Tools: Eye wash from A-G, Fix Sure Shots

Inspections: Insulation very soon

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