Friday, September 3, 2010

Even rain dampens not their spirits!

It does dampen flooring, however.

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build

Date: September 2, 2010

PRepaired by:  Rob Abbott

On Site: Site Supervisor: Frank Fraser

Volunteers: Mike R., Peter, Rev. Paul, Bonnie, Anne, Rob, and, as usual, Brian McD. And Nan got us going and checked on us through the day.

Contractors: None today, but Brian has identified some possible elves.

Daily Log: Not as hot, but very steamy with all of last night's rain. While the roof boards are on 1014, the ice/water shield isn't so it runs down through the inter-sheet voids onto the floor.

We got all the trusses, and joists nailed down, finished up the interior wall details in 1014A, and re-supported the beam in 1014A to span some joints in the laminations too close to the post. Once the wading pool in 1014 was swept out, we got one long wall built and installed and adjusted the posts under the supporting beam. The heat and humidity got to us and we stopped work around 3 pm, but stuck around to enjoy our milkshakes.

Action/Follow-Up Items:

Next Days/Week Plan:
Saturday: I think the plumbers may show up to start the rough-in, framing in 1014, fill in sheathing over soffits and gables......
Tuesday: ?
Wednesday: John, from Martino Contractors will be on site to lay out heat registers.

Volunteer Requirements: For the foreseeable future, we should be able to find work for a large crew. Lots of jobs.

Materials/Tools: I picked up a pocket door frame and air horn, on my way home. Peter Hemming should have some materials from the Re-Store. 6” Tapcon screws are expected. GIK drywall delivery scheduled for September 15. Frank was going to order more studs.

Editor's note:
Smiling faces, despite the rain

Another smiling face!
The rain doesn't dampen volunteer's spirits. Always a hard-working crew.

Of course they are smiling. It's milkshake day!

Courtesy of the ice cream shop, Jenn J. picked up milkshakes and delivered them. She needed to take some site photos, and they were expecting Jenn's brother to visit. Brian (the Thursday food server) stayed home to wait.

Every day a different volunteer delivers a morning coffee/donut run, lunch built in the church, and then an afternoon snack.
Two beautiful young ladies shakin' it up!

Signing her work!
Still smiling, looking to the heaven, praying for no more rain.

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