Friday, September 10, 2010

Elf sightings at Bala Build

Prepared By: Frank J. Fraser

Patty Parson's Build Daily Log

Date: Evening of Sept. 8

On Site:  Frank J. Fraser
             Site Supervisor

Volunteers:   Nan Got us going this evening. Stephen Dursley

Contractors:  The 3 Electricians from  A.D.A.M. Electrical  became members of my Elf Crew after being there all day stayed till about 7:30 pm finishing the wiring in 1014A. One down One to go.

Visitors: John McMechan

Daily Log: Stephen and I worked on cutting the 3  stair stringers for 1014.

Action / Follow up Items: John, Steve and I talked about how we can solve the covering of the roof till we can get the ice and water shield on. John will try to return on Saturday. Stephen is going to bring a few friends by to help with the roof as well.

P.S. no plumber
Next Day / Week Plan: finish rough-in framing for 1041. Check beam lamination, foundation PT edging, stairs to basement in 1014.

Elf Crew Tuesday and Thursday Evening

Tuesday: Elves postponed to Wednesday  pm 6-9:30

Elf king shuts 'er down

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