Saturday, September 11, 2010

Elf King - Frank Fraser

Frank Fraser, another addition to the Patty Parsons Build team, cottages on Moon River.

He is the site supervisor and he kept saying that 'elves' were working in the night. 

I (Jenn Jilks) ordered my personal assistant to drive me in the dark to check it out. Normally, I have been posting Construction Logs, prepared by either Rob Abbott, or Frank Fraser. Tonight, I wanted the full story!

Sure enough, he was there. I had just missed the elves, though.  

According to one Habitat Mississauga report: 

Lemme outta here!

Site Supervisor Frank Fraser, who never missed a day on the build site ... 

Frank was closing up the site for the night.

He's infamous, you know! I love searching for
info on the Internet. You can run but you can't hide. These are snippets from some of the articles, copied using our "Fair Dealing" Canadian law. Please read the full articles, they are very interesting!

Habitat for Humanity Mississauga - Frank Fraser

 Frank completed several builds with Habitat Toronto. He especially recalls one occasion working at the Rotary site. It was winter time and Frank and the team had left openings in between the town homes to facilitate moving within the units instead of going out in the frigid February cold. One day during their lunch time when the team and partner families were gathered around the heater Frank noticed that Maria, one of the future home owners, was not there.

Closing up the site in Bala for the night
“I went looking for her and saw her sitting outside on the porch of her unfinished home,“ he said. “I called her in and she replied, words that went straight to my heart: ‘I am having lunch on my porch Frank’.” From that moment his desire to continue helping others became even more firmly entrenched.

Each day on the build site new volunteering teams from different companies, as well as individual volunteers, are given a safety demonstration that leaves even seasoned do-it-yourselfers acknowledging they have learned something new. At the end of a work day they are treated to the Frank Fraser philosophy:
It doesn’t matter whether you only banged in one nail, drove in one screw, hung one piece of drywall, whatever, it all helps to build this house for a family who otherwise would not be able to afford this home.”
And then he adds: “So when you pass this house in years to come you can always say to yourself: ‘I helped build that home’.”

The success of Habitat Mississauga’s first build has been due in no small measure toFrank Fraser’s belief in and dedication to Habitat for Humanity’s mission

I have seen the work done in Bala by community volunteers;

Frank - fearless leader
Under the supervision of site supervisor Frank Fraser, Mississauga’s first HFH build was completed due to a large community effort with volunteers, sponsors and local businesses all coming together to make one family’s dream a reality. Dozens of locals businesses, churches and individuals donated products, services and man hours to make the project a success.

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