Sunday, September 5, 2010

Doorways to heaven, falling rain

Watch that first step!
Patty Parson's Build Daily Log
Date: Sept. 4, 2010
Report by: Frank, from his Crackberry.
On Site:  Frank J. Fraser
             Site Supervisor


It was a light day. Had the Moon River Property Owners Association AGM meeting this morning, as well as the rain last night and this morning, kept the numbers down to
 Jim Houghton, 
Steve Roberts, 
Chris Roell, 
Brian & Nan got us going in the morning.

Daily Log: 
Another wet night & with lots of rain in the morning. 

less rain on this side!
Steve & Jim worked out side trying to dodge rain drops, but to no avail, filling in the missing OSB around the soffits & gables and covering the east side & rear windows to stop as much rain from getting inside the units, while the rest of us worked on finishing walls in 1014. 

swimming pool
drip, drip, drop
There again trying to dodge rain drops. Again with not much success. 

We Lost Chris just before lunch and the rest after lunch. 

I want to thank those that did show up for their fortitude in staying so long. 

what working conditions?
Therefore with just Nan & myself left we called it a day.  A wet one at that.

Action / Follow up Items : 

We were hoping to do the ice & water shield this morning but weather did not permit it.  
puddles everywhere

hooray for a dry floor
Have to find time when we can get it completed. I think we can work with the pocket door kit Rob picked up.

P.S., no plumber.

Next Day / Week Plan: 

it poured all day
Finish rough-in framing for 1041. Check beam lamination, pressure treated edging (2 x 4) ledger for a straight ledge to which we'll screw concrete boards, stairs to basement in 1014. 

Tuesday: Elves in the p.m. => 6-9:30
Wednesday: layout of heat registers.

Volunteer Requirements

just a little damp...
Lots of projects for Volunteers.

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