Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chim, chiminery...

Construction Daily Log,  Patty Parsons Build

Date: September 28, 2010

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:        Site Supervisor: Frank Fraser
Volunteers:  Rob, Brian J, The Stooges: Tom-TEN, Jim, and Mike R.; Jack, Sue, Bill Niess, SuperNan, Willy F., and a neighbour of Frank's who's name I didn't get.
Contractors: None
Visitors: Howard

Daily Log:
     It was a wet day for golfing, so we had a large crew. The Stooges got the tub framed and placed in 1014A, others worked on the ceiling vapour barrier, while Brian J, got that acoustical sealant (more often referred to as that black #@*%) under the poly along the top plate and just about everywhere else in 1014A.  More insulation and some of the party wall sound batts arrived.  The phone and TV cables got run for 1014A.  With the last of the volunteers leaving around 3, we closed up for the day.

Action/Follow-Up Items: Get HPN to finish rough-in plumbing
Get someone else to advise on chimney stacks  (I've got a call into Stevensons)
Get contractor to do front eave detail.  (Ed V. Was supposed to drop by).
Get Corey to move electrical for 1014A Bathroom
Check on door swing for 1014A bathroom - Rob
Revise vanity for 1014A - Rob

Next Days/Week Plan: Wednesday - Saturday - Vapour barrier and insulation; interior and exterior - and maybe the plumbers

Volunteer Requirements:   We have work for a large crew.  Lots of jobs.

Materials/Tools:   Fix Sure Shots - NOTE:  I had both apart a number of times, but to no avail; they're FUBAR.

Inspections: Insulation very soon

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