Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ark Building 101

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build – Ark Building 101
Prepared by: well rested, Rob Abbott
Date: September 8, 2010, day-shift.

On Site: Site Supervisor: Frank Fraser
Photos by Jenn Jilks
Volunteers: It was a small, but, as usual, dedicated crew of volunteers today; many were attending a funeral. Our deepest condolences.
Light off, nobody home?
I saw evidence of work! 

Mike Bradley, Brian Juniper, Doug, and Tom. Brian McD. Got us going in the morning, and Nan checked on us through the afternoon.

Martino - there for us
Contractors: John Whyte from Martino Contractors (HVAC), and Corey and crew from A.D.A.M Electric
Another A.D.A.M.
Visitors: Jenn, photographic blogger, Geeks 'R Us, tooth ache and all!

Daily Log: Another wet night and with periodic rain throughout the day, so we still didn't get a chance to seal the roof of 1014. 

The heating and HRV vents for both units were roughed in. The electricians got a good start on the rough-in for 1014A. Meanwhile, volunteers, blocked and braced walls in 1014 (after sweeping the water out). I bugged out around 3 pm, but my guess is that the others continued till about 4.

Check 'em out! 

Note: The first “Elf Crew” is expected tonight from 6 – 9. Frank will report on this separately.

Action/Follow-Up Items:

  • Get HPN to rough-in plumbing

  • Get Port Heating to advise on chimney stacks

This sucker is in to stay!
Next Days/Week Plan:
Wed PM – I think the Elf Crew will work on the basement stairs and front facade roofline.
Thursday – Ice/Water shield, weather permitting, foundation boards, framing and bracing in 1014.
Friday – beam in 1014, continue with foundation boards
Saturday: I hope the plumbers may show up.

Volunteer Requirements: For the foreseeable future, we should be able to find work for a large crew. Lots of jobs.
"And then I told her..."

Materials/Tools: 6” Tapcon screws will be at site on Thursday morning, 2x12's for floor stringers, GIK drywall and fibreglass batts delivery scheduled for September 15.

Inspections: Framing very soon
Where's that lunch????
Lunch arrives - hot soup! Rob acted as bell ringer.

Nice time to debrief, relax and visit.

Editor's note:
Jenn was quite pleased to turn up just at lunch time. Everyone is very happy when lunch arrives.

Smiling faces and a much-needed break.
Thanks to the people that create the lunches every work day.

Thanks to the Anglican church for giving Habitat a kitchen in which to build the lunches!

I commented on how dry the floor was, and they disagreed, but I'd seen it dripping and cms of water.

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