Monday, August 30, 2010

That's what she said!

Construction Daily Log,  Patty Parsons Build – That's what she said.

Date: August 28, 2010
Prepared by:  Rob Abbott

On Site:   
Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers:  Peter H, Marnie, Jim P., Tom, Jim H., Nancy, John Mc., David F, and SuperNan got us going and checked on us through the day.

Contractors: Harry Westerby (and son) stopped by to review and discuss siding.  G and B Sanitation serviced the Stool Shed.

Daily Log:    While I'm sure most Muskokans were out enjoying a spectacular summer's day, volunteers risked vitamin D overdose at the site.  Heat notwithstanding, we got most of the gable ends sheathed, the W/D cupboard for 1014A laid out (though it has to be re-done), and a couple of walls started on 1014.

Peter Hemming, reminds me of Paul Bunyan's blue ox Babe: he's seemingly tireless and always there when there is something to be moved.  We welcomed yet another first-timer, David, another Moon River cottager, to the site. Despite my wife's assurances, after much discussion and debate, it was decided that and additional 3” in the bedroom is preferred; the wall will be adjusted accordingly.  Volunteers started slipping away throughout the day, and by 2:30 I found myself alone and decided it was time to close up.

Action/Follow-Up Items: 
•    Reconfigure Bedroom 2 doorway and wall
•    Fix W/D closet and re-size
•    Fix extension cords
•    See if Curtis can come in to review some issues - Rob

Next Days/Week Plan:   
Sunday and Monday – NO WORK AT SITE
Tuesday-  New Site Supervisor, Frank Fraser takes over, but here is what I suggest: clean up site, organize tools, move lumber inside.  Nail trusses on 1014 to party wall top plate.  Nail gable end trusses to top plates. Fill in sheathing over soffits and gables, stairs on 1014, interior walls on 1014, truss bracing on 1014......
Wednesday – Frank will decide.

Volunteer Requirements:   
For the foreseeable future, we should be able to find work for a large crew.  Lots of jobs.

Materials/Tools:  Fire extinguishers! (Ellen, Bala Firefighters recommend 3 x 5 lb, type ABC), 2 weatherproof, male plugs to repair extension cords, 2 replacement bulbs for work lights, and 2 rough-service bulbs for trouble light.  Still waiting on 6” Tapcon screws.  Very soon we will need to get our GIK drywall delivery scheduled.  Pocket door frame.

Inspections: Not yet, but would like to get inspector out to site to advise.

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