Thursday, August 19, 2010

RAbbott Trucking and Haulage- Trussers in Need of Trusses

Construction Daily Log,   Patty Parsons Build - Trussers in Need of Trusses

Date: August 18, 2010

On Site:          Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers:  Jim P, (Mike, Brian) x 2, Tom, Bill, and Nan: THE EH? TEAM
Contractors: RAbbott Trucking and Haulage

Daily Log:       I picked up 2, 200 gallon, steel, oil tanks for the homes from Don Park on my way in in the morning.  Unfortunately, the forklift driver was on vacation, so we had to man, and woman, handle the tanks into the trailer (once they stopped giggling at the little car towing it.)  (Editor's note: Photo by Rob!)

We got the tanks unloaded, but decided it would have to wait for backs which weren't around to watch Elvis live on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Nonetheless, experience trumped youth and we managed to get a lot done before we ran out of gas and packed it up around 3 pm.  We finished the trusses on 1014A, moved and set up scaffold on 1014 to drywall the attic, finished the blocking (on the walls that are up anyways) in 1014A, and got all but a few windows bucked-out.

After closing up, I picked up: 28 tubes of fire-stop caulking, 3 helmet mount ear-muffs, a refrigerator, some sawhorses, and misc. 2X4 lumber from the Re-Store.

Action/Follow-Up Items: 
·      Expense report! - Howard
·      Schedule contractor to put up roof sheathing – Howard

Next Days/Week Plan:
Thursday – Drywall on trusses (weather permitting), place oil tanks and fridge (backs permitting) start trusses while scaffold is in place.  

Friday –  Continue from Thursday
Saturday – finish drywall and trusses on 1014
Monday, Tuesday – Tentative contractor for roof sheathing.

Volunteer Requirements:
Next few build days we need 4-6.  We also need 4, young, strong, backs and arms for about an hour to move the oil tanks and fridge.

Materials/Tools:  replacement sledge hammer handle.

Prepared by:  A tool, but not necessarily the right one for the job, Rob Abbott

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