Thursday, August 26, 2010

Patty Parsons Build – What The Truck!

Construction Daily Log,   Patty Parsons Build – What The Truck!
Prepared by:  Fridge magnate Rob Abbott

Date: August 25, 2010

On Site: Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers:  Mick, Mike G., Peter H., Caitlin, and Nan.
Contractors: Jim North, and Kyle

Daily Log:
I picked up the roll-in shower unit for 1014 from EMCO on my way in in the morning.  We got it unloaded and sent volunteers back to pick up the tub/shower units; it took a second/third trip.  We got the tub/shower unit inside 1014A, through the window, but the roll-in and other tub/shower unit for 1014, will have to wait until the trusses are on.

Mighty car

We removed the internal bracing and made and installed one wall for the master bedroom in 1014A.  

Cement board was delivered.

Reconfigured fencing. Contractor: Jim North and Kyle put ice/water shield on 1014A.

Rain and a loss of volunteers necessitated a site shut-down around 2 pm.
We loaded up the trailer with the broken fridge and construction debris and I took it to the dump on my way home. I also picked up 2, large Blue Boxes; we'll use for the build then leave for the homeowners.

Action/Follow-Up Items:  

Pocket Door frames have to be custom made.  Look into 36” swing doors for bedroom and storage room (or bi-fold), but keep pocket door for bathroom. - Rob

Next Days/Week Plan:
Thursday – Contractor working on trusses for 1014.  However, we can safely work on 1014A: truss blocking, stairs, basement blocking, move cement board, install interior walls, etc.
Friday – continue from Thursday
Saturday - Foundation boards, blocking, stairs for 1014.....

Volunteer Requirements:
Thursday – Saturday - Should be able to find work for a large crew.  Lots of jobs.

Materials/Tools:  Fire extinguishers!

Inspections: Not yet

Photos of his Smart car by smart Rob!

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