Thursday, August 19, 2010

Patty Parsons Build - Camp Shang-Bala

Construction Daily Log,   Patty Parsons Build -  Camp Shang-Bala

Date: August 19, 2010

On Site: Sub-Stand-In to the Assistant Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers:  Jim P, Mick, James, Crystal, Peter, The Bionic Dan, Becky, Chris, plus Bill, Bill, and Nan checked on us throughout the morning.
Contractors: Jim North briefly to review roof sheathing and truss work. As I'm home typing this, I received a call from the HVAC duct-work contractor Martino Contractors.  They're in town and are going to stop by the site to assess the situation.

Daily Log:  After I delivered my trailer load, I spent the morning drinking coffee, eating butter tarts and cookies, and relaxing under the canopy.  It was like camping sitting there with the trailer and coolers on a nice summer's morning.  

Meanwhile, the skilled and eager crew of volunteers: 

  • moved both 200 gallon, steel, oil tanks to the basements
  • moved the fridge and set it up
  • moved all the drywall,
  •  filled in some of the SM gaps around the basement windows
  • re-braced the trusses, 
  • and continued with blocking in the basement of 1014A.  

Around 10:30 it was more like camping as the rain came.  The workers continued in the basement until the rain pouring down the stairway and dripping from the floor made it too much like the Hanoi Hilton and work was called off for the day.  Most left for home and dry clothes leaving 4 of us to eat 9 lunches; we did our best.  With the rain, I closed up a noon, leaving me time to go back home to shower and change (sorry Nan, no naked man in your bathroom this time).

Action/Follow-Up Items: 
·      Expense report! - Howard
·      Deliver MWW DVD – Rob

Notes: The fridge is plugged in and loaded with drinks, water, creamers (egg tray), sugar (butter door), apples (crisper)and cookies.  There are bungee cords holding the doors shut. 

Next Days/Week Plan:
Friday – Drywall on trusses (weather permitting), start trusses while scaffold is in place.
Saturday – finish drywall and trusses on 1014, bracing on trusses over 1014A
Monday, Tuesday – Tentative contractor for roof sheathing.

Volunteer Requirements:
I think Howard is back Friday, but I'll come just in case.  For the next few build days we need 4-6, experienced and agile hominids to work up on the scaffolding and pass up large sheets of drywall and trusses. However, there are lots of little straightforward and even light duty jobs for everybody.

Materials/Tools:  Dan is ordering for delivery: materials for Jim North, 20 more sheets of type X drywall, cement board to cover foundation, and a replacement sledge hammer handle.

Inspections: None.

Prepared by:  Rob Abbott

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