Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Many hands make light work

Aug 2-  Nan, Mike, sue, Peter, Jim, Nancy, Brian, Tom, Jim, Mike, Chris, Todd, Howard
Aug 3- Rob, Steve, Don, Mike, Jon, Brian, Tom, Bill, Mike, Howard
Aug 4- Nan, Mick, Rod, Sandy, Don, Don, Jack, Willy, Brian, Bob, Jim, Doug, Howard
- Had excellent crews in on all 3 days. Motivated, knowledgeable, willing to learn and work.
- Work proceeded on finishing floor plate, walls, stairs, site clean-up, moving trailer and table off neighbour's drive way and relocating to shady area at rear of building lot.
- Muskoka lumber delivered material for stairs.
- Weismiller lumber delivered material for outer walls. Ordered party wall for delivery tomorrow on first truck out. 
- Stairs are 80% complete in 2 units.
- Outer walls are up on rear wall and west wall. Remainder of outer walls are laid out on plate.
- Contacted volunteer that had been to site earlier about installing trusses and roof , Brian Hennig BH Renovations, and he agreed to get involved and do the job.
What sunsets in the back windows!

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