Saturday, August 14, 2010

In Howard We Truss

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build – In Howard We Truss

Date: August 13, 2010, Friday, no less!

Prepared by: Sings off-key, Rob Abbott

On Site:
Site Supervisor: Howard and SuperNan

Volunteers: Jim P, Tom, Rob, Peter the Great, Carol, Kathy, Taylor, Kally, Chris, Erics Jr & Sr, Janelle, and Pete Roell (who's also great). Bill Neiss sorted out the mess I made of the storage container, and there were lots of drop-ins throughout the day.

Contractors: Nope

Daily Log: No need for friggatriskaidekaphobia; luck was with us. With the help of the many volunteers we managed to get: about 1/5 of the roof trusses up and installed (without the need for personal trusses), the site cleared up, the utility trench filled-in, and the storage container sorted out.

Best of all, thanks to Sue, Susan and others, we managed to celebrate Howard's birthday, almost numbering the trombones in the big parade (photos on blog).

 Martha came by in the afternoon, dropped off a form for Nan and collected up all the extra safety shoes. The afternoon sun streaming through the open roof onto the pale floor and walls make it like a solar reflector oven; too hot to work, so we closed up around 2 pm.

Action/Follow-Up Items:
• Complete Workplace Harassment survey form Martha – Nan/Howard
• Find and schedule contractor to put up roof sheathing – Howard
• Expense report! - Howard

Next Days/Week Plan:
Saturday – continue with trusses, window opening extensions, blocking,
*** make sure drywall on party wall is protected from rain!
Monday – Day-off, No Site Work
Tuesday – finish trusses on 1014A, drywall side.

Volunteer Requirements:
Next few build days we need 4-6 strong, nimble people to help with trusses, ideally, those with experience.
No volunteers needed Monday

• Drywall screws for party wall 1 ¼, + 2”


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