Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Habitat for Humanity and Marks Work World

A fabulous day on the job site. There were volunteers from several of Marks Work Wearhouse stores. They came from Parry Sound, Gravenhurst, Newmarket, Huntsville and Midland.

Some of them were digging a ditch, trying to unearth the hydro wires for the homes. It is hot, hard work.

They tell me they are used to lugging boxes, but the digging surely involves other muscles!
There was much laughter and fun, even while they sweated! Keith was the comedian of the group.

They were so much fun! Each time they unearthed another 20 cm or so, they cheered!

I talked to the hydro crews, who were quite impressed with the volunteer spirit that is alive and well in Muskoka and the wider region.

All of this sheetrock had to be moved into the homes.

The chain gang made it so!

The snack/lunch crews brought welcome cups of coffee and a hot lunch - all donated by churches, and local restaurants. The family of the home recipients sent over dinner last Saturday. (Yes, they work on Saturday!)

I have two videos of the work. With the appropriate cheers. A wonderful team and team building exercise.

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