Saturday, August 14, 2010

Forgive us our trussess and lead us to completion

Nan, Rob, Crystal, Steve, Jim, Jeremy, Alison, Brad, Jennifer, Howard

Kept on trussin'.... most of 1014A finished.

Dan-the-man brought in some knock-down shelving he had and cleaned up the storage unit even more by getting boxes, tools, etc off the floor. A great help!

Nails and debris picked up put in containers.
Photo-op at 9:30 to present $7000 cheque to HFH.
Sue Woods, Ellen Frood and various other elegantly attired  ladies and gentlemen showed up for momentous occasion. Howard and Nan were in our scrubs

  • Order install SM board on walls
  • Shear nails in joist bays and install blocking
  • Install lighting in trailer and basement

Oops, forgot to poly drywall...back to site....


Howard, fearless leader

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