Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fearless leader- Howard

Howard's report for the day...

Conference time

Brian, Chris, Oz, Cody, Roberta, Doug, Howard  

Hydro still installing new poles

-3 40' foot poles installed by HYDRO ...expect further hydro rate increases next month.

-  Brad Steel called to say crew would not be there today since they had been cancelling all week and work was piled up.
- I called Monty and cancelled crane.

- We will "heave" trusses up onto the walls manually with some robust volunteers on friday (note to Brian 6 robust volunteers)  I've done this before with 3 volunteers with bigger trusses.

- Trusses were delivered. at least 3 damaged when be replaced when we have a closer look at the rest.

I asked Howard if this damage is normal. His response:
-No, but it happens and they slid off quite fast. They get replaced by the lumber company once I identify which ones....they are all strapped together and have to be opened up.

- Installed most of interior walls on 1014A

Howard still contemplating

- Doug dug (sorry) trench to new hydro pole location for our power line, partially backfilled.

- TOO HOT wrapped up at 4 pm

- finish bracing wall as necessary to "Toss" trusses onto walls
- "toss" and install trusses.

Deep in thought

Latest deep Howard thoughts:
Volunteers: Sal called yetserday to inform me he was on the way to the airport. His brother in Italy had an accident. No further details. Sal is our bio chemist that has been a regular since the first block was laid.

Follow-up items:  We need 2 furnaces and 2 Oil Tanks asap.
                         We need 2 bathtubs and a disabled shower unit ASAP (depending on their breakdown configuration).

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