Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't you know - we're on the eave of construction?

¾ of a roof
Construction Daily Log,  Patty Parsons Build – Don't you know, we're on the eave of Construction

Date: August 27, 2010
Report prepared by:  Rob Abbott
On Site: Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers:  Mike R., Peter The Great, Roberta. Dianne, Jim P., The Powerful (and great) Oz, Tom, and SuperNan got us going and checked on us through the day.

Contractors: Jim North, and Bruce.
Visitors: Martha, Frank, Ellen and Harry Smit.

Daily Log: 
She who dies with the most tools wins!
Biting off as much as they can shove
 Another super day and great crew.  They: worked on drywall nailers, removed door sills, installed bracing, and basically finished up a lot of the little framing details in 1014A.  Some sheathing and pieces were put up and much of the day was spent erecting, moving and dismantling scaffold.  The one-piece roll-in shower unit and one-piece tub/shower unit got put through the window in 1014.  

Many volunteers arrive

Meanwhile, contractor Jim North and Bruce got the roof boards installed on 1014 and the front facade lower eave.  Ellen and I met with Frank Fraser, who has agreed to take over as Site Supervisor for 7 weeks.  
Quick, catch!

Write this down, 25" x 58"!
We got a visit from local excavation contractor Harry Smit, who offered to do any grading  or excavation work.  We closed down the site around 4 pm.
Pick on someone your own size!

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Action/Follow-Up Items: 
  • Get G and B to clean out KYBO – Rob
  • Order 2 x 12 for stair stringers – Rob
  • Reconfigure Bedroom 2 doorway and wall - Rob

Upstanding citizen volunteers
Next Days/Week Plan: 
Saturday-  Fill in sheathing over soffits and gables, stairs on 1014, interior walls on 1014, truss bracing on 1014......
Sunday and Monday – NO WORK AT SITE
Tuesday – Continue work from Saturday

Volunteer Requirements:   For the foreseeable future, we should be able to find work for a large crew.  Lots of jobs.

Materials/Tools:  Fire extinguishers!, 2x12s for stair stringers

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