Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Daily log

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build

Date: August 17, 2010

On Site:
Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers: Jim P, Mike, Mike, James, Crystal, Chris, Peter the Great, Bill, and Nan.
Contractors: Brooke Chappelle

Daily Log:
 Straightened and plumbed the walls on 1014, installed stairwell guardrail on 1014A, moved the scaffold over to 1014, started blocking on 1014A basement, got some work lights, plumbed and secured posts for 1014A, and continued with window frame extensions. Whew!

Surveyor, Brooke Chappelle came out and iron-barred the property line between the units at the street boundary (and confirmed that we have the building spot-on).

All this by 3 PM when all the volunteers left for various appointments.

After closing up, I picked up: 3 flood lights, and 3 helmet mount ear-muffs from the Re-Store. I also arranged to borrow a refrigerator for the build. The Re-Store should be delivering it Friday morning. Now that we have electricity, I figured we could use it to keep the drinks in and eliminate the need for ice. I also picked up 2 top-of-the-line (Bosch), cordless drills, that Ellen managed to get donated by Home Depot. Sweet!

Action/Follow-Up Items:
• Expense report! - Howard
• Schedule contractor to put up roof sheathing – Howard
• Pick-up oil tanks at Don Park - Rob

Next Days/Week Plan:
Wednesday – put oil tanks in basements, continue with trusses on 1014A, window opening extensions, interior walls on 1014, and blocking.

Thursday – Drywall on trusses (weather permitting).
Friday – Place build-fridge, trusses on 1014
Saturday – finish trusses on 1014
Monday, Tuesday – Tentative contractor for roof sheathing.

Volunteer Requirements:
Next few build days we need 4-6.

• Howard, if you're by the site, could you lend us your little sump pump to empty the sump pits?

 None, but Curtis confirmed that a separate vented kitchen fan is not required provided there is a grease screen on the HRV inlet.

Prepared by: 
HIT (Howard-In-Training) man, Rob Abbott

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