Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build – Sparking Excitement

Date: August 9, 2010

On Site:
Understudy-Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers: Sal, Willie H, Jim P, Brian, Mike, Peter the Great, Al, and as usual, SuperNan, Bill N and Brian M, checked on us periodically and Howard got there around 1 PM. I don't think I've ever gotten all the names right, but the sign-in sheet superceeds this list.
Contractors: Brad Steele and ADAM Electric were on site to discuss work later in the week

Daily Log: the day.

The morning and site was damp from yesterday's thunderstorms. The morning safety talk included a demonstration of the added risk of water and electricity when it was noticed that the large spruce tree at the property line was on fire. The wet branches intertwined in the 13,800 kilo-volt electrical distribution lines were arcing to the point of flames.

911 was called and the fire department and Hydro One crews were dispatched. The neighbour would not let the fire department or Hydro One trim the tree and the police had to be called out. After much negotiation and arrangement with Hydro One was worked out, which will also benefit our build as it moves the pole from the middle of the driveway near the future property line between the units. It also means we should have temporary power tomorrow (Tuesday).

Fearless leader inspecting the scene

All this excitement didn't distract the capable crew from accomplishing a lot:
• completed the sheathing;
• installed most of the interior walls for 1014; and
• laid out framing for party wall on 1014A side.
After lunch, the humidity got unbearable and we closed up around 3:30.

Action/Follow-Up Items:
• Confirm crane, truss and roofing framers. Wednesday Howard & Rob.
• Contact Port Heating to look at furnace/tank chimney placement – Dan and Howard
• Confirm with Brad and Pro-line re scafolding and planks, and bracing for trusses. -Howard
• Find contractor to put up roof sheathing - Howard
• Revise Schedule and Budget - Rob

Next Days/Week Plan:
=>Tuesday – Crew from Mark's WW
• build, drywall and raise party wall.
• install interior walls for 1014A
• dug out electrical, phone and TV cables across front.
• Hydro One connect and new pole
• blocking in basement under walls
• layout truss locations
• poly over drywall
• clear area for crane and trusses
• pick-up extra 5/8 type X drywall (Musk Lumber Port C)

=>Wednesday – AM trusses delivered, PM crane arrives.
=>Thursday – Roof sheathing?

Howard, got stuck in traffic, so Rob stepped in (and into it) as Supervisor for the day.
(Editor's note: a fatal accident on highway #400)

Volunteer Requirements:
Tuesday, MWW crew (18),
Wednesday, 4 able bodied to help the professionals (move scaffold, sheath gable ends,
gofer, etc.).
Thursday, - TBD

• Drywall screws for party wall 1 ¼, + 2” (Tues)
• Mud and tape for party wall
• gas for generator
• Poly to protect drywall on party wall

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