Friday, August 27, 2010

Coffee, muffins, ladders and saw

Construction Daily Log,   Patty Parsons Build

On Site:           
Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Report prepared by:  Rob Abbott

Volunteers:  Mike Robbins, Bonnie Bean, Don Furniss, Nicole Hrinco, Jim Partridge, Anne Snowdon, Deb Tilson, and as usual Nan Allen got us going and checked on us through the day.

Volunteer Brian Racine brought the morning coffee, and a dozen muffins he had baked, trying to use up baking supplies as he is moving. (This after being asked every Thursday since May, by SuperNan, if he'd brought muffins with the Thursday coffee!)

Muffins from Chez Racine
Coffee courtesy: Olivers
Contractors: Jim North (all day), Ed Voisin, Butch Voisin, Ron Decoste and Joe Voisin, the latter 4 being morning only to help Jim.

Daily Log:       
It was a great day.  What a terrific group of workers we had. They; because I did very little, just flitted around in my stylish and flashy visibility vest; completed the stairs, interior walls, and basement blocking in 1014A, removed the scaffolding from 1014, and carried and passed up to the roof about 36 sheets of plywood.  

 Observant and knowledgeable volunteers even saw a flaw in the plans (making the bathroom plumbing almost impossible) and reconfigured it.   

Meanwhile, contractor Jim North and his crew got  all the remaining trusses up and most of the roof of 1014 sheathed.  Volunteers cleaned up and left around 3:30; Jim and I stayed until about 4:30.

Action/Follow-Up Items: 
·      figure out solution for pocket door frames – Rob
·      Took HFH, Black and Decker circular saw, and Re-Store step ladder out of service.  The bearing and cord is shot on the former, and the rivets are loose and missing on the ladder.   
Send to Re-Store for recycling – Rob   
Delete from Build Inventory - Martha

Next Days/Week Plan:      
Friday – Contractor completing sheathing and waterproofing of 1014 roof.  Fill in sheathing over soffits and gables, move shower and tub for 1014 in through window, stairs on 1014, interior walls on 1014, truss bracing on 1014......
Saturday - Foundation boards, continue with interior bracing and walls
Sunday and Monday – NO WORK AT SITE (Rob has to do laundry!)
Tuesday – Continue work from Saturday

Volunteer Requirements:             
 Friday, the usual site truck and trailer won't be available.  If possible, I'd like to have someone with a vehicle capable of picking up one or two sheets of plywood from  one of the local yards if we need to.  For the foreseeable future, we should be able to find work for a large crew.  Lots of jobs.

many hands...

Fire extinguishers! Ordered 6” tapcon screws for cement board.  May need to pick-up 1 or 2 sheets of plywood.


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