Monday, August 9, 2010

Aerial photos of Bala Build

 A great day for flying, building, working, playing. A bit chilly in the morning, when I set off for my walk it was only about 15 C., but when you are hammering nails in the sun - it's a great day for all.

I have been having fun posting messages from the Patty Parsons Build. It is amazing seeing how hard everyone is working to bild these homes. From those physically working, to those donating time and goods and services. It takes a village to raise these homes. The family members of one of the homeowners always seem to be present, amazing to participate in helping to fulfill a homeowner's dream. I think of all the time and energy my parents put into building our house, and I know the love and the joy will remain.

And another treat. Linda Acton-Riddle, president of Habitat for Humanity Muskoka, was up in the air yesterday, flying through the skies with her hubby.

Long line of cars

nestled in the trees

busy bees on the ground!

Linda sent a message with these photos:
Here are a few photos I took when my husband and I flew over the build site yesterday (Aug.7th!).  We'll try to get more as the trusses and roof goes on but our flying is weather dependent! 
You and your crew are doing a great job, Rob!   
Thanks to everyone!

Linda  Acton-Riddle

Habitat for Humanity Muskoka - President
Building homes. Building hope.

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