Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things are going up in Bala

The Bala Build Patty Parsons Project is going great guns.

Date: July 29, 2010
On Site
Site Supervisor: Howard
Volunteers: Rob, Brian, Jim, Jack, Oz and Marnie

Daily Log: The weather was nice. There was an accident on site in the afternoon;
Brian fell through the open framing and hurt his forearm. He drove himself to the
hospital for an x-ray. An accident report has been prepared.
We worked on the bridging on 1014, and the staircase framing for 1014A.

Next Days/Week Plan
Thursday – finish sub-floor on 1014A, and 1014
Friday – Sub-floor for 1014
Saturday – finish floor and stairs

For this week we have work for as many as able to come.

Editor's note: Brian only bruised his arm, and plans on working! Interesting since he broke through a 5/8 inch piece of OSB board when he landed on his forearm. However He plans to be back on site when
he is repaired....

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