Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Site Report

Donna, Marnie, Bob, Willie, Doug, (minister), Kathy, Taylor, ??

ADAM electric installed meter base. ESA approved work before they were finished.
ESA now contacts Hydro tree trimming crew. Then the line installers are scheduled to install line and meter. (You wonder why our hydro rates are so high!!!)
Willie Fletcher and crew worked on installing joists on unit 2. Completed about 80% of joists
I worked with crew to install stair structer in unit 1
Bill Neiss worked to clean out trailer and organize all material in storage container

Return unacceptable 2x12's to muskoka lumber. Lumber is full of black spore mould material from being wet in storage.
Take-offs for stairs was sloppy. Call Tony tomorrow to discuss.
Decided to install 3/4 inch G1S ply for treads.
Continue with stairs in unit 1 and start unit 2.
Finish joists. Start floor plate unit 2.
Hope for Hydro response.

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