Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bala Build Patty Parsons Project daily log

Volunteers: Bill, Peter, Mike, Rob, Jim, Rebecca, Kent, Howard
Lots of cars, a good sign of many working!

 Worked on Installing Oriented Strand Board on Unit 2
Worked on Stair rough-in for Unit 1
Watched wistfully as Hydro trucks drove by slowly without stopping...still on generator.
Picked up 10 more sheets of OSB from Muskoka Lumber. They are supplying floor so should be priced as the flooring take-offs that they were providing.
Completed accident report from July 29 incident
Bill Neiss organizing storage...There is a need for shelving that can be ported to future knock-downs.

Continue work on floor and stairs in both units.
Start walls next week
Plan to work Saturday and Monday

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