Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bala Build Patty Parsons Project daily log

Volunteers: Bill, Peter, Mike, Rob, Jim, Rebecca, Kent, Howard
Lots of cars, a good sign of many working!

 Worked on Installing Oriented Strand Board on Unit 2
Worked on Stair rough-in for Unit 1
Watched wistfully as Hydro trucks drove by slowly without stopping...still on generator.
Picked up 10 more sheets of OSB from Muskoka Lumber. They are supplying floor so should be priced as the flooring take-offs that they were providing.
Completed accident report from July 29 incident
Bill Neiss organizing storage...There is a need for shelving that can be ported to future knock-downs.

Continue work on floor and stairs in both units.
Start walls next week
Plan to work Saturday and Monday

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things are going up in Bala

The Bala Build Patty Parsons Project is going great guns.

Date: July 29, 2010
On Site
Site Supervisor: Howard
Volunteers: Rob, Brian, Jim, Jack, Oz and Marnie

Daily Log: The weather was nice. There was an accident on site in the afternoon;
Brian fell through the open framing and hurt his forearm. He drove himself to the
hospital for an x-ray. An accident report has been prepared.
We worked on the bridging on 1014, and the staircase framing for 1014A.

Next Days/Week Plan
Thursday – finish sub-floor on 1014A, and 1014
Friday – Sub-floor for 1014
Saturday – finish floor and stairs

For this week we have work for as many as able to come.

Editor's note: Brian only bruised his arm, and plans on working! Interesting since he broke through a 5/8 inch piece of OSB board when he landed on his forearm. However He plans to be back on site when
he is repaired....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Site Report

Donna, Marnie, Bob, Willie, Doug, (minister), Kathy, Taylor, ??

ADAM electric installed meter base. ESA approved work before they were finished.
ESA now contacts Hydro tree trimming crew. Then the line installers are scheduled to install line and meter. (You wonder why our hydro rates are so high!!!)
Willie Fletcher and crew worked on installing joists on unit 2. Completed about 80% of joists
I worked with crew to install stair structer in unit 1
Bill Neiss worked to clean out trailer and organize all material in storage container

Return unacceptable 2x12's to muskoka lumber. Lumber is full of black spore mould material from being wet in storage.
Take-offs for stairs was sloppy. Call Tony tomorrow to discuss.
Decided to install 3/4 inch G1S ply for treads.
Continue with stairs in unit 1 and start unit 2.
Finish joists. Start floor plate unit 2.
Hope for Hydro response.

Latest update on Bala build

Subject: Log July 27

Oz, Brian, Bill, Chris, Kathy, Taylor, Rebecca, Marnie, (Rebecca's friend), Howard

CRS delivered "ocean can" about 7:30
Everyone worked on floor plate  beam and Rims during intense heat and UV.
Contacted muskoka Lumber for take-offs and lumber for 2 units. Wood was delivered at end of day but no drywall or 2x4"s. Will buy locally.
ADAM electric scheduled for tomorrow am.
Trailer partly emptied. Remainder still to be worked on.

Keep working on floor and stairs with as many volunteers as available.(10-12)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bala Build Patty Parsons Project

Progress is being made. Although, it is hot, tiring work.

Up and down the ladders they go!

Everyone is taking photos.
But now it is lunchtime.

Can you hear the lunch whistle?

One more photo.

You build it and then make holes in it!

The neighbour, Doris, has been kind enough to allow not only the use of her driveway, 
but the shade of her backyard for a cooler lunch spot.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things are going up

What a massive job. Today I saw the crew raising the insulation, and glueing it in place. We were off to errands, and we didn't chat long. Many are giving a helping hand. Onsite today was the father and sister of one of the future residents.

Lots of elbow grease needed for that glue gun!

Not an easy task.

Hot work in the sun.

Scrounging work boots was an issue. She was quite proud to have stuffed her size 6 feet into size 9 boots. She made sure I had a good photo!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bala Build Patty Parsons Project

Off we go to deliver lunch to the hungry, hot, tired crew!

Here is my hubby delivering the noon meal to the crew.

We leave the food and drinks for the work crew.

Progress is being made.

They are repairing the road, where the asphalt was dug up for sewer and water lines.